What to Expect at Your Bridal Appointment Post COVID-19

Post COVID-19, bridal appointments, like so much else, have changed. But, there are still so many things that haven’t changed. Retailers all over the world are doing their best to keep brides and their staff safe and healthy, while at the same time, doing their best to help brides from their dream Bridal Gowns. So, what can you expect at your bridal appointment? Let’s dive in!


Local guidelines will dictate how many people brides are able to bring into their appointments. Many brides are finding that they are limited to one or two guests per appointment. While it may be heartbreaking to think about limiting who you ask to join you on your special day, limitations can also eliminate unnecessary opinions about your dress, which in the end may make your decision easier. Instead of worrying about who you can and cannot invite, set up a Zoom call for those who are unable to join. Most retailers will be happy to accommodate! 


Consider wearing a mask at your appointment. We’ve heard from many bridal retailers that they are even requiring brides and guests to wear masks during their appointments. This safety measure varies from state to state, even from city to city, so reach out to your local retailer to see what their requirements are before walking in. 


True Society Bridal Consultant in mask


While browsing is definitely still encouraged at many stores, touching gowns may be off-limits. In order to keep stores clean and sanitary during and in between appointments, consultants may ask that you not touch the gowns on the racks. Wedding gowns cannot easily be washed, so having as few people as possible touch the gowns will better ensure the health and well-being of brides and staff. Worried about not being able to browse? Rely on your consultant! During any appointment, your consultant will ask you what your style is, ask about your must-haves, and pull gowns based on your preferences. Pro-tip: show your stylist a Pinterest board of what you like! If you don’t feel comfortable browsing the gowns or if your store doesn’t allow for that, rely on your stylist to pull recommendations. They know their inventory and will easily be able to find the dress of your dreams based on what you show them. 


Most bridal retailers are happy to have walk-in appointments, but post COVID-19, many are not accepting walk-in appointments. Make sure you call ahead or book online before walking into a store so your retailer can prep your dressing room accordingly. Bridal retailers will be sanitizing seating areas, dressing rooms and high traffic areas between appointments so please be patient if you’re asked to wait outside if you’ve arrived early for your appointment. Also keep in mind appointments may be limited and hours adjusted while storers figure out this new norm. 


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