What to Expect at Your Bridal Appointment Post COVID-19

Post COVID-19, bridal appointments, like so much else, have changed. But, there are still so many things that haven’t changed. Retailers all over the world are doing their best to keep brides and their staff safe and healthy, while at the same time, doing their best to help brides from their dream Bridal Gowns. So, what can you expect at your bridal appointment? Let’s dive in!


Local guidelines will dictate how many people brides are able to bring into their appointments. Many brides are finding that they are limited to one or two guests per appointment. While it may be heartbreaking to think about limiting who you ask to join you on your special day, limitations can also eliminate unnecessary opinions about your dress, which in the end may make your decision easier. Instead of worrying about who you can and cannot invite, set up a Zoom call for those who are unable to join. Most retailers will be happy to accommodate! 


Consider wearing a mask at your appointment. We’ve heard from many bridal retailers that they are even requiring brides and guests to wear masks during their appointments. This safety measure varies from state to state, even from city to city, so reach out to your local retailer to see what their requirements are before walking in. 


True Society Bridal Consultant in mask


While browsing is definitely still encouraged at many stores, touching gowns may be off-limits. In order to keep stores clean and sanitary during and in between appointments, consultants may ask that you not touch the gowns on the racks. Wedding gowns cannot easily be washed, so having as few people as possible touch the gowns will better ensure the health and well-being of brides and staff. Worried about not being able to browse? Rely on your consultant! During any appointment, your consultant will ask you what your style is, ask about your must-haves, and pull gowns based on your preferences. Pro-tip: show your stylist a Pinterest board of what you like! If you don’t feel comfortable browsing the gowns or if your store doesn’t allow for that, rely on your stylist to pull recommendations. They know their inventory and will easily be able to find the dress of your dreams based on what you show them. 


Most bridal retailers are happy to have walk-in appointments, but post COVID-19, many are not accepting walk-in appointments. Make sure you call ahead or book online before walking into a store so your retailer can prep your dressing room accordingly. Bridal retailers will be sanitizing seating areas, dressing rooms and high traffic areas between appointments so please be patient if you’re asked to wait outside if you’ve arrived early for your appointment. Also keep in mind appointments may be limited and hours adjusted while storers figure out this new norm. 


Sanitation supplies in True Society

Readmore Real Stella York Bride Tara + Kevin

You Asked, They Answered: Wedding Dress Retailers Answer Your Burning Questions

As retailers around the country start to reopen and get back to business as usual, brides are also wondering how this will impact their weddings. That’s why we asked a few of our retailer friends to take over our IG and answer some of your questions. From how they are planning to reopen and what precautions they’re implementing, to what trends brides can expect in the coming months, these experts in bridal gave our followers the inside scoop. 

Bride checking out a wedding dress

We hope that these IG Q&A’s have been helpful to your brides during this uncertain time. We’re rounding up a few FAQ’s today, and sharing some more advice from our retailers in the hopes that our brides find the info they’re looking for. 

bride trying on a wedding dress in front of a rack of gowns


“What should brides expect from their dress shopping appointments during COVID-19?”

Brides should expect to still find the dress of their dreams! Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and as retailers, we’re going to make dress shopping as fun and as memorable as we can. We will have some safety precautions in place and there will be social distancing, you can rest assured that your bridal appointment will be safe for everyone. 


“Will my wedding dress arrive on time?”

Yes! We’re working hand-in-hand with designers to make sure no bride goes without her dream dress. Most retailers are also offering curbside or no contact pickups for those brides whose dresses are in. 


“My wedding was postponed, will my dress still be appropriate for a winter wedding?”

Yes! It just takes some accessories to change up a look from summer to winter. Consider what shoes you’ll be wearing – maybe change from a sandal to a close-toed shoe. You can also add a fur wrap or a fun custom leather jacket to your look for some warmer layers while you’re taking photos. For 2020 and even 2021 brides, really anything goes! It’s your wedding, do what you want!


“How can brides find out when their local retailer is open again?”

First, use the store locator to find a wedding dresses store in your area. Then, give them a call or shoot them an email to see if they are booking future appointments for when local stay-at-home orders have ended. Lastly, follow your local boutique on social media! That’s the easiest place to find out when your store is reopening or if they are offering services like virtual appointments. 


“Will brides have to wear masks during their bridal appointments?”

It depends on what your local retailer and community are required to do. Many retailers are asking that brides and guests wear masks so that both staff and customers remain healthy and to reduce the risk of spreading or contacting Coronavirus. But, definitely reach out to your store to see what safety measures they are putting place.  


“My wedding was postponed. What should I do with my wedding dress in the meantime?”

Storage is key! If you have a dress that is made of crepe or silk, something that wrinkles easily, you will want to hang up the dress in a well-structured garment bag or lay it down in the bag. Adding layers of tissue paper between the layers of fabric is also a good idea but make sure you only use white tissue paper! Whatever you do, just make sure your dress has ample room in your closet and don’t forget to sneak a peek every now and again! 

Pros and Cons of Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Today on the blog, we are talking about long sleeve wedding dresses! Many brides love the idea of a long sleeve wedding dress in theory, but when it comes down to it they may have some concerns before making the commitment. We believe a classic, long sleeve dress will never go out of style! However, some brides may have concerns over being too warm or not being able to move freely throughout the evening. Follow along as we address some pros and cons to long sleeve wedding gowns.


Martina Liana Style 1157

Martina Liana Style 1157


If you’re having a winter or fall wedding, you may want a long sleeve wedding dress to stay warm! An all-crepe long sleeve dress like Essense of Australia  Style D2972 or Martina Liana Style 1157 will keep you warm and comfortable on your wedding day. These simple wedding dresses are also great because you can accessorize them in so many different ways and let your bridal style shine through.


Essense of Australia Style D2972

Essense of Australia  Style D2972


On the other hand, if you’re worried about a long sleeve wedding dress being TOO warm, you can opt for a lighter coverage gown like Stella York Style 6646. The lace sleeves will delicately cover your arm in romantic motifs. 


Stella York Style 6646

Stella York Style 6646


If you’re worried about being able to move around and have fun on the dance floor at your wedding…you can do what Stella York bride Kayleigh did and get two dresses! She opted for an off-the-shoulder dress, Style 6646, for her ceremony and then changed into a mermaid wedding dress for her reception.


Real Stella York Bride Kayleigh + Matthew

Real Stella York Bride Kayleigh + Matthew


Sleeves almost always have to be altered to properly fit. Make sure you work with an experienced seamstress who can confidently alter your sleeves to perfection. 

Stella York Style 6817

Stella York Style 6817


Another solution is to opt for a dress with detachable sleeves like Martina Liana Style 1147. This way, you get the best of both worlds and can change your look for the reception. Detachable sleeves are great because you don’t have to worry about them the entire evening. Martina Liana bride Elle Bellamy wore detachable sleeves for her wedding day!


Martina Liana Style 1147

Martina Liana Style 1147


If you’re looking for a modest wedding dress with sleeves, consider a dress like Essense of Australia Style D2569 that has a high neckline. You may also consider adding a jacket to whatever style you fall in love with if you’re set on having a long sleeve wedding dress!


Essense of Australia Style D2569

Essense of Australia Style D2569


At the end of the day, it is best to get to a bridal salon and try on dresses with sleeves and see if it feels and looks like your vision. Many dresses can be altered to add sleeves if you fall in love with a gown that does have them.

martina liana dress with sleeves

Silhouette Spotlight: A-Line Wedding Dresses

A classic silhouette for the traditional-meets-romantic bride, A-line wedding dresses are the style you’ll want for your wedding day. Completely figure-flattering, A-line gowns can be worn at any celebration. From gowns that are slightly boho to styles that bring the glamour, there is an A-line wedding dress for every bride! This universally flattering silhouette looks incredible on a variety of shapes and sizes; take it from our real brides! Read on for their first-hand experiences with this style of wedding dress:

Real Bride: Eileen 

Dress Chosen: Essense of Australia #D2639


essense of australia style d2639

Eileen was searching for a gown that would make her feel truly beautiful, but a string of health problems shook her confidence before she began the dress shopping experience. “I thought I’d like to wear a mermaid dress with lace, but when it came to trying on different styles, the mermaid fit did not look flattering on me. Following some health issues, I gained almost 20 pounds and could no longer fit into my normal size 2 dress styles. I focused my search on A-line gowns and found something with simplistic elegance that made me look relaxed and at ease! The fabric was exquisite. #D2639 was the perfect combination of sexy and cute and…it has pockets!”

Real Bride: Amanda 

Dress Chosen: Martina Liana #822


martina liana style 822

Photo: Kathy DeNino

Amanda shocked her groom and all of her guests by choosing an A-line! “I think every single one of our friends and family were expecting me to wear a form-fitting gown. Instead, I showed up in a classic A-line that nobody expected! Being able to surprise my groom as well as our guests was amazing. The dress made me feel like a bride and was comfortable enough to dance all night!”

Real Bride: Cassidy

Dress Chosen: Essense of Australia #D2186


essense of australia style d2186

Cassidy sought out a bridal shop that specializes in helping curvy brides find the perfect fit. “I’m plus size and completely comfortable and confident with myself. This Essense of Australia A-line was the first dress I tried on and I had never seen anything like it before in my life! It fits my vivacious and bubbly personality. Everyone loved it on me.” 

Real Bride: Shelby

Dress Chosen: Stella York #6603


stella york style 6603

For Real Bride Shelby, comfort was at the top of her priorities in finding the perfect wedding dress. “I wanted to feel my most comfortable and beautiful in my own skin. I knew I wanted an A-line style. When I put on #6603, the dress fit like a glove! My alterations were very minimal and I just felt like my dress was made for me – it’s the best feeling in the world!” 

Real Bride: Olga

stella york style 6432

When Real Bride Christine began her dress shopping experience, she was torn between a mermaid gown and an A-line silhouette. If you’re avoiding “poof” at all costs but still want the drama of a full skirt, A-line is your go-to style! “After trying on what felt like hundreds of dresses, I found Style #6243 in the most perfect pink shade! I did not want a ballgown, but this A-line made me feel like a princess and I was won over! I couldn’t be happier with how I felt and looked on my wedding day.”